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Flowhub beta is here Buy now to lock your discount!

Let's Make Code More Playful

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers. Funded by Kickstarter, from the NoFlo team.


Flowhub is here...

Early beta release

Thank you to every one of the 1,205 backers on Kickstarter!
We couldn’t have done it without you.
About the Beta. Getting started guides. FAQ.

Available on the Web

Also available on:

Chrome Web Store Google Play (coming soon) iOS App Store (coming soon)

Building a Website Evolution

Flowhub enables the first AI platform that designs websites

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Follow Your Code at a Glance

Coding starts on the white-board. Keep it that way with Flowhub! The “graph” displays your software clearly, concisely and beautifully.

Photobooth Demo

Webcam effects powered by WebGL, built in Flowhub Try the demo, and view the source graph

Don’t Code Blind

See the build in progress with visual collaboration for teams. Focus on the right areas without fear of constant conflicts, code reviews and lengthy onboarding processes.


Control at Your Fingertips

Flowhub's touch-friendly interface makes it possible to modify and see everything that is happening with your flow-based programs in real time. You can modify the flows of a running program, or change how a component operates.

You Can Code Too

With Flowhub’s inline code editor you can write components when you need to, not because you have to. Each component you edit is coupled with its unit tests, making TDD a breeze.

Seamless GitHub Integration

Your code will always be backed up on GitHub. We will never get in the way of what you build — lockdown is antithetical to our design.

Buy now and help fund the open-source & hosted version of Flowhub!

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