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Consulting Services

We build robust IoT systems and web-services
using message queues, Node.js and flow-based programming.

From problem to solution

To solve a problem, first understand it

Our experience in IoT systems and web services lets us handle the entire software development process, from defining requirements to building the running system. We also bring domain expertise in content management, signal processing, digital fabrication and semantic data.


Existing system not scaling?

Improve performance and maintainability of existing systems by de-coupling them into individual piece that can be re-assembled according to needs. We operate both on the high-level and low-level; from microservices connected using message queues to fully-encapsulated code-components.

Support and maintenance

Because good software is long-lived

We can assist in maintaining existing software built with Flowhub, providing expertise when needed and helping you stay updated.

IoT workshops

Hands-on is the best way to learn!

In our Internet of Things workshop participants build a complete IoT system, learning to use the Flowhub tools and how to apply Flow-based programming.