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Visual programming at your fingertips

Flowhub IDE is a tool for building full-stack applications in a visual way. With the ecosystem of flow-based programming environments, you can use Flowhub to create anything from distributed data processing applications to internet-connected artworks.

Technology agnostic

Manage your program visually

Coding starts on the white-board. Keep it that way with Flowhub! The “graph” displays your software flow clearly, concisely and beautifully


Flowhub has been designed ground-up for touchscreen usage, enabling you to work on your tablet while on the go.

For component editing a keyboard might still be nice, though.

Use existing components or code your own

The open source community has built hundreds of components that work with Flowhub. But when additional functionality is needed, it can be developed directly inside the app using the integrated code editor.

Synchronized with GitHub

Flowhub integrates directly with GitHub’s version control features, allowing you to push, pull, and make commits without leaving the app.

Live programming

Through the power of the FBP protocol, Flowhub can connect to your flow-based systems. You can see data flowing through the wires in real time and make live changes to the program while it is running.

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