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Rewire your Internet of Things

Flowhub is a visual tool for managing how your Internet of Things devices connect with each other. With Flowhub you can manage the connections between all of your IoT devices, and add logic via new components.

MsgFlo — the Flowhub IoT runtime

MsgFlo is an open source runtime for managing how IoT devices — sensors and actuators — communicate with each other using standard message queues (MQTT, AMQP). With MsgFlo and Flowhub you can see all the devices in your IoT network, as well as the data flowing between them.

In addition to managing connections between existing IoT devices, MsgFlo makes it possible to add additional business logic and data format conversions via simple Python, Node.js, or Rust components.

Flowhub and Eclipse Hono

Flowhub IoT has integration with the Eclipse Hono service interface for connecting with a large number of IoT sensors.

Use cases

Here are some things the Flowhub IoT platform has been used for:

On-premise Flowhub

Flowhub's IoT platform consists of the on-premise MsgFlo runtime and the Flowhub IDE. The Flowhub instance used for managing the IoT network can either be the hosted SaaS version or installed on-premise.

Both MsgFlo and the on-premise Flowhub IDE can be deployed as standard Docker containers.